New Pontiac G6 Launches in January

General Motors recently announced that the new and updated lineup of Pontiac will be launched on January 2009.

The new Pontiac G6 lineup boasts a large 2.4 liter four banger that was rated to be at 164 horsepower. The said feature was initially seen at GM’s Sedan series.

Car enthusiasts expect that the new lineup would promise a 33 mpg rate. This is in lieu of the fact that the vehicles were all paired up with the six speed automatics.

The new Pontiac G6 lineup offers two kinds of engines: the original 3.9 liter V6 (222hp for the convertible types) and a new Ethanol E85 V6 engine.

People waiting for this new series are surely in for a good ride. The exteriors of the Pontiac G6 have all been pimped up for the delight of its fans.

Following the design of GM’s G8 Sedan, the front and rear fascias of the new Pontiac lineup were given a sporty appeal. Improved spoilers also gave the vehicles a different attitude. To cap off the improvements, the new lineup were given a feel of new headlights.

Meanwhile, not all the models were given an interior upgrade to retain their sporty looks. The GXPs are the only ones among the lineup that were given new interior furnishings.

The G6 Sedan will start as GM’s 2009 ½ model. Insiders say that the unit will cost ,945 (inclusive of shipping). On the other hand, the G3 batch will be available in the market by March with a starting price of ,995.

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