Smooth Speed Racer

The 41 Super Leggera, the most recent launch from performance builder Outerlimits, reproduces the superior handling and blistering speed of the company’s latest world championship race boat. The finely tuned surface was built for ocean running and to deliver a smooth ride in harsh seas. “The cornering is phenomenal,” says Mike Fiore, Outerlimits CEO, and holder of multiple world championships. “Racers can cut buoys on a dime, and poker runners can hit 100 mph. We haven’t compromised on handling, though. You can feel the difference when it gets nasty out there.” Outerlimits also provides a three-day training course with world-renowned race champion Trace Martin as part of the purchase price. Luxury is also designed into the 41’s DNA. The helm console is hand-stitched leather and suede, and owners have a choice of hardwoods and fabrics for the interior. Outerlimits creates customized exteriors with signature graphics and colors, so owners can truly express themselves through their super boat.  (401.253.7300,

Michael Verdon

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