The Ferrari Enzo – A High-End Hypercar

The Ferrari Enzo is the dream of every car lover, to be specific, the dream of every sports car lover. It is not easily accessible to the common man as it ranges around a million and a half dollars. But it is a passion for many to owe a Ferrari. In Ferrari Enzo, you are just discovering new things. The sophisticated technology used has made driving an all-new experience. You may win races lose races but the brand stands up with lifted shoulders.

High-end sports cars have different ways to generate lift. The Ferrari Enzo uses down force to the tune if about 300 pounds at 124 mph owing to its low ground clearance of the smooth body, reduced cabin height and with the help of very effective diffusers. It is amazing that they achieve this without the use of add-on down force producers such as rear wings and front splitters. This in addition to maintaining a relatively low CD of .32 shows the class of the genre.

The Enzo has got all the specifications needed for a new generation car. The originality and the style of the vehicle prompted the Sports Cars International to name it as the best three cars in the modern era.

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