The Round Bookcase: What Could Be Better?


So I am a person that absolutely love books, another thing that I love is art.  When you combine the two of those things, I have to say that I am definitely going to buy it!  That is exactly what the Reaction Bookshelf is!  Not only is this amazing bookshelf just that, a shelf, but it is also something that you can sit in and use as a seat and who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by books like that?

The designer, Olivier Peyricot is honestly one of the greatest designers in the world, for he is the one that came up with this amazing design!  Now, you may think that this is a smaller bookcase than it looks like, but it is actually six feet in diameter and looks amazing in any room!

Now for the price folks, this little beauty is not going to be cheap, it will run you about three grand, but it is definitely worth it to have a piece of art that is definitely functional!

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