Contemporary, eco-friendly fireplaces from Condo Flare

condo flare fireplace main

Incorporating the beauty of fire into any interior or exterior, the Condo Flare fireplaces are a stylsih solution to design needs. Condo Flare’s fireplaces are eco friendly in materials as well as the manufacturing process. All the products are handmade and look elegant enough to complement any modern decor. Many of the fireplaces use ethanol-based bio-fuel that burns clean without any odor or ash. Available in wall mounted and freestanding versions, the Condo Flare offers a range of fireplaces with unique design and characteristics. One of the fireplaces called Loft (80) offers a multilevel shelving opportunity that makes it fit for compact spaces. Another fireplace called Richmond (00) has a mid mount firing position and an oversized widescreen stainless steel backing placed in a ultra-red fire stone. On the other hand, the Roxborough (50) is a trendy fireplace with an asymmetrical slotting design at the bottom, which completes any room it occupies.

In case you are looking to highlight a wall, the Yorkville (00), with its sweeping vertical curve, might be the just right thing. The Hollywood fireplace (00) is one of the most expensive in the whole range and it’s a duo entertainment center and a fireplace. The Tower fireplace can be paired up for a feature wall. The Lenko fireplace (,880) is strong enough to support your standard TV and its inner walls keep the largest fires deflecting forward.

These are only a few of the unique fireplaces being offered by Condo Flare.

Thnaks, Ray Ghasemian

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